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With over 325,000 active stores, and an increasing array of tools at your disposal, Shopify makes running your business a breeze.
No matter what you offer, from cupcakes to car parts, leave a lasting impression with a stunning store that will captivate your audience, just like these stores below.

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“Your professionalism, strong work ethics, excellent customer service, and most of all your ability to make me feel confident and secure moving forward have been greatly appreciated. Awesome experience!”

“They were so helpful and delivered on time; I will be using them for a long time...thank you La Rose; I would not of been able to do this without you.”

“Whoever is looking to set up a new Shopify store, well I can honestly say La Rose Web Design was brilliant. ”

“This has been a great experience. We are very impressed with the final product. La Rose Web Design is a real professional, has the patience to follow our lead on what had to be modified. Trust me, you will not regret it!”

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With over 325,000 active stores, and an increasing array of tools at your disposal, Shopify makes running your business a breeze. Ready to start selling? Then let's get this shopping cart rolling!

Store Start-up

Shopify Store Start-up

From £355 / $510

La Rose Web Design

Freelance Web Design and E-commerce ideal for Small Businesses

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Mobile Responsive Web Design | Search Engine Optimisation | Website Development | E-commerce

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Not too long ago, having a website gave you a leg up over the competition. Now, practically every business, organisation, and casual user has a website. However, not all websites were created equal, and the web is littered with cheap, cluttered, complicated and resource-heavy sites. Having a website that stands out is the key to gaining the advantage once more.
Your website represents your brand's presence on the Web, and just like offline, first impressions count. Within a few seconds of reaching your site, a visitor has already decided whether they will be a potential customer, or if they will show themselves out!
A poorly designed website is a turn-off for visitors, decreasing your brand’s apparent trustworthiness, reliability and quality. Don't put a hurdle in front of the door; instead welcome your future clients with an attractive, well-designed website that will engage and encourage time and time again.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

From £455 / $650

Perfect if you're looking to create a website from scratch, need an HTML to PSD Conversion, or would like a site based on elements from different sites and sources.

Website Customisation

Website Customisation

From £255 / $360

Website theme and functionality changes, site updates, and upgrading from a static to a fully responsive website site.

Website Support

On-demand Website Support

£50 / $70 per hour

For general support, troubleshooting assistance and optimisation.

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Clean code, well-structured layouts, cross browser compatibility and mobile and Search engine optimisation are guaranteed for all sites, ensuring that your online presence is both easily accessible and usable for visitors, and ready to connect you with your future clients at home and worldwide. Working with clients from all sectors, my aim is to support you in each area of your business’ growth strategy. Whether you’re preparing to launch your first site or store, have recently established yourself and require assistance, or have been going for many years and looking for a refresh, I will help you reach your expectations and goals. If you’ve got a plan for the next best seller, or are looking to take an existing store to the next level, I can help you to develop a robust, easy to manage online store, that, once active, can grow and represent you and your brand even when you sleep!

Who is it for?

La Rose Web Design is geared towards those who are serious about starting or running a business, but do not have a massive budget, workforce or project scope. Individuals just starting out, new start-ups, and established small businesses that need assistance are all catered for here. Similarly, if you’d like to get started with your own website or store, I can offer consultations on what steps would be best to take to get you from simple intentions and ideas, to fleshed-out realities.

Buyers beware!

While it is tempting to wish to start a business for free, or get a cheap website, the age old adage “you get what you pay for” rings especially true with web design. Many designers and services can promise you sites for seemingly bargain prices, but the end result is often far worse than that; poorly optimised sites, often made with templates, that do not fully meet your requirements or expectations, and fail to maximise your brand’s potential effectiveness. I have had to rescue many clients and their sites, who were wooed by the promises of fast, cheap web designers who, in the end, left them out of pocket and with far more problems than when they started!

To that end, it is essential that if you, as a current or future website or store owner, wish to become a success online, you must be willing to invest the appropriate amount of time, effort and funds into your project. And, to that end, I promise to invest all the time, effort and resources in your project from inception to launch.

Why choose LRWD

Taking your first steps onto the online stage may seem daunting at first, but with La Rose Web Design, you can put your mind at ease.

My promise is to make my services as simple, enjoyable and non-intimidating to use as possible, to quickly help you reach your full potential in style.

Not sure what services you need? Contact me and I'll help create a plan for you and your budget.

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