Theme Tweak from £100

Tweaks and repairs

Store Setup

    Theme tweaks include:

  • Banner and Image resizing/relocating
  • Additional slideshow images.
  • Adding imagery/photography/adverts/banners etc.
  • Adding/resizing/recolouring fonts.
  • Building/modifying navigation menus

Theme Customisation from £200

Re-imagine and redesign.

Store Setup

    Theme customisations include:

  • Creation of additional/alternative page templates
  • Responsive theme upgrade
  • Page theme layout redesigns
  • Client-manageable display sections
  • New Product/collection display sections

Bespoke Theme Design from £320

Custom themes to meet your needs.

Store Setup

    Bespoke Themes:

  • Built to your requirements, responsive design from scratch to working mobile, tablet and desktop.

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